Ahoy Smokers!


Longtime partners in pulmonary rehabilitation and smoking cessation, the Will Rogers Institute and Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center, a member of Covenant Health in Knoxville, Tennessee, joined together to create a smartphone app with tried-and-true strategies that will help people quit smoking.

“As part of our not-for-profit mission, we are continually looking for ways to reduce the rate of smoking and improve health,” said Jon Dalton, M.A., member of Covenant Health’s smoking cessation task force and manager of Parkwest Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, where he sees firsthand the long-term detrimental health effects of smoking. “We hope the app will help more people, especially young adults, quit smoking.”

The Stop Smoking mobile app lets you create a profile to identify the number of cigarettes you smoke on a daily basis, the price per pack and the triggers that keep your need for cigarettes active. Based on a short questionnaire, the app will then generate a realistic “quit date” for you and will help you track how many cigarettes you smoke that day, as well as record the factors that keep you smoking and make it difficult to stop. Daily monitoring and gradual reduction of the number of cigarettes you smoke, based on eliminating the triggers, should help you reduce your reliance on smoking to get you through the day. As an added bonus, the app will show you how much money you’re saving! “Education is key to quitting, but it really has to fit in with somebody’s lifestyle,” Dalton said. “Today people want information when they need it and on their own schedule. As health educators, we need to adapt and be more flexible in how we provide education for our patients and public. We have taken the science regarding smoking cessation strategies and applied it to an app that allows users to customize a quit plan based on their personal smoking
habits,” he said.

The relationship between the Institute and Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center is a natural fit due to Academy Award-winning actress Patricia Neal’s connection to the entertainment industry and the facility’s dedication to pulmonary rehabilitation. It is an ideal partnership for the Will Rogers Institute, representing our original mission as a pulmonary rehabilitation hospital for entertainment industry veterans.

Visit www.covenanthealth.com/stopsmoking to download the free Covenant Health Stop Smoking App and scuttle the habit once and for all! The app is free on iPhones and on Android phones.