Why donate?


The Will Rogers Institute (WRI) is a program of the Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers Foundation, a charity named after one of the greatest humanitarians, philanthropists and entertainers that ever lived, Will Rogers.

Originally a hospital for tuberculosis-stricken Vaudevillians, The Will Rogers Memorial Hospital (established in 1936) became a national training facility for doctors treating patients with tuberculosis. Building on that foundation, the Will Rogers Institute is today a national charitable health program focused on research of debilitating lung disorders, medical school training fellowships, distribution of free health education materials to the general public.


All funding is targeted towards medical research, educational materials and quality of life resources for individuals.

The Institute is sponsoring research for lung disorders, medical school fellowships, pulmonary programs and rehabilitation, and neonatal ventilators at universities and medical centers. Please visit the Research & Fellowship sections for more information.


You may continue or start a donation using either of the following methods:

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  • Mail or Fax — Print and fill out your information in a printer-friendly application. Please mail or fax it to:
    Will Rogers Institute
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